Badminton sessions 2018 /19 – Preference Survey

Dear Folks,

Thank you for the overwhelming response. The responses indicate Lila Fahlman (Fridays) and either Roberta McAdams (Wednesdays) or St Thomas Aquinas (Tuesdays) are the preferred schools.

However, since we have already secured Ann Margaret and we do not have any bookings at Lila Fahlman currently, in order to play safe, we will still have the  Ann Margaret school as a back up.

Hence, the locations will be as follows

1. St Thomas Aquinas on Tuesdays (chosen as we have more and longer sessions than Roberta)

2. Ann Margaret on Fridays

3. Lila Fahlman on Fridays (as per availability after Sept 25, 208)

4. We may add Shauna May (Sundays) in future based on the overall response and if any surplus money available to do the bookings.

Thank you again for taking time to respond to the survey and we shall get the finer details (fee and schedule) shortly. Should you need any further info, please email or  call 780-Ask ARUL